ACT Prep Course

Preparing students for the ACT and higher education!

  • Exceptional modularized content.
  • Highly qualified content developers.
  • Assessments to track progress and competency.
  • Access from anywhere via Internet.
The ACT Prep Course was designed and developed using the same methodology that we used to develop our prep courses for the undergraduate and graduate exams we cover. For all of our courses and products, we start with good content. To develop good content, you have to have a good team.

Our team of content developers consists of teachers who have each taught online and/or in high schools for at least 15 years. All of our content developers have a minimum education level of a master’s degree in the area they teach. Additionally, they all have a great deal of experience teaching and developing content specifically for ACT prep.

Next, we focus on structure. Assessing what is required for the ACT is one component to developing a good ACT Prep Course. Determining a strategy or plan of attack to comprehensively cover the content in a efficient and effective manner is important in ensuring that each student has an adequate knowledge base to do well on this exam.

This means breaking up the content into topics or modules that allow students to review at their own pace and based upon their strengths and weaknesses. The sheer amount of information covered by the ACT can be intimidating and overwhelming. This method of modularizing the content allows students more flexibility in their preparation.

Now comes the assessments. It’s important to understand what each student knows and what they need to review to ensure that the review process is efficient and effective. This is a part of the strategy that allows each student to personalize his or her prep schedule based upon what they need to focus on. Here, we assess the areas of strengths and weaknesses of our students.

It’s important to note that we track many things with our Learning Management System (LMS), but primarily, we focus on competency and completion. How much of the course has the student completed and how much of that content do they truly know well. Part of this has to do with the score for each quiz or assessment but it’s important for us to also understand how much of that score is guesswork. For that reason, it was important for us to track our student’s guesses to ensure that a false positive does not give them the misconstrued assumption that they know a topic or subject well enough.

With all of our assessments, we explain the reason for the answer being right and why the other answers are distractors. This is important because it helps students to understand the mindset of the test writers as they approach each question.

In time, students begin to see patterns in the answers which allows them to “guess” better, even when they do not know the answer. By eliminating the impossible or improbable answers, they reduce the odds of picking the right answer considerably. This is an important part of learning to test well on a standardized test.

The best part about our course is that it’s accessible by any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Finding time to study is not always the easiest thing. For that reason, we wanted to make sure that students can study when and where they need to in order to do well on the ACT.

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