Beware of student developed NBDE prep resources!

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They could cost you your dental license. Preparing for your boards is a stressful time. You’ve got to review a lot of content in a short amount of time. So much is riding on this high-stakes exam and it’s not uncommon for students to look for resources to help them study and give them an edge. Many students have used or are considering using some of the new NBDE prep sources which were developed by former dental students who have graduated and become dentists or have left dental school for whatever reason and have gotten into...

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The Integrated Dental Boards: What to Expect

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The transition from the two-part NBDE test, to the INDBE, has seemed to disrupt the flow of dental school and is worrying students, prospective students, and administrators alike. We’re here to say “not to worry, it will all be alright,” but before we do that let us educate you on what this transition entails. As we move into the Integrated Boards, the 5-year-5-attempts policy will still stand. During the transition students will either be allowed to take both parts separately, five times each, or the INDBE five times, depending on their...

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Missouri Proposes Online Education Bill

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A new bill has been proposed to the House in Missouri- a virtual education bill that would allow students to take some, or all, of their courses online. Any student from public schools, home schools, or charter schools, will be eligible for online course work. State funding will pay for all the courses either through the student’s direct school district, in the case of home schooled kids- from direct state funding. Virtual education opportunities could open up many doors for students in Missouri. Charter schools in Missouri will receive state...

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The Repeal of the ACA is Changing Medical Student’s Careers

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By now, it’s spread around that the Trump administration has the plan to repeal Obamacare, otherwise known as the ACA. If the ACA does get repealed, a havoc of sorts will arise. Being in, or soon to be in, the medical field, medical students should be wondering how this will change their career goals. The repeal of the ACA will not only put people without insurance, it will also leave doctors with fewer patients, and more ER visits. First, let’s start with the way the repeal of the ACA will impact medical students (and anyone between the ages...

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Essential Preparation Tips

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Preparation, in general, is needed for the most successful outcome possible. Everyone has “Aha! Moments”, but to rely on these moments in critical testing situations can cause damage to your result. I’m going to share with you today some of the things I find most helpful when I’m preparing for something big, whether it be a test, a project, or my next meal. Make a list. Making a list of things to check off not only makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something, it also keeps you on task. Make sure your list is fluid. I always add to my...

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New Year, New MCAT Tips!

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The new year is here, which means a new strategy on taking exams. Seven tips to help you achieve high scores on the MCAT Examine: 1. Check testing center locations-, sometimes locations change due to high volume testing. 2. Plan to Study– Don’t Cram, progress is made over time. To understand what you know and need help with will take time over a period of time. If you don’t understand ask the professors for help or contact us. 4. Check-in process- Each school will have a variety of procedures to take the MCAT. Please review...

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Three Ways to Believe In Yourself

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Belief in yourself is a key component to accomplishing almost any task, test, or solving a problem. Having trouble believing in yourself? Click here Here are three ways to help you believe in yourself: 1. Nurturing Positive Views Compile a short list Find patterns in the activities. Identify what you have done well over and over again to understand your skills. Identify the skills and begin to list those skills in a separate column. 2. Positive Attitude  Think positive by: Accepting situation while looking at how worse it could be Thankful...

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Five Study Tips

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Planned Study Timed Breaking the work down into manageable pieces and spreading it over several days makes good sense and will help you to manage your studies more effectively. Plan your study time by clicking here. Catch Up on ZZZ’s (Sleep) Sleeping around 6-8 hours will increase your attention span. Less time sleeping has been known to negatively affect your grades. Study the Way You Learn The biggest mistake people make is studying a different way then they learn. Ask yourself a question: Are you a visual (see), auditory (hear), or...

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We Believe in Progress

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Top 5 Reasons Why Education is Important. 1.Confidence In America, a college education can be the key to a better job and future. Bachelor degrees were considered an overachievement. A master’s degree is now are part of the norm. Why this change?  People want to be more educated and build their confidence. 2. Education Affects Lifetime Salary Who would like to get paid more for doing their job?  If you answered yes then continuing your education to attain a college degree will help you. From,”Those holding...

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How to Use Your Time Wisely

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“Education is our passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who are prepared for it today.”- Malcolm X Efficiency in education is producing the desired results without wasting resources. The ability to use your time wisely is essential. Time in itself is one resource we can never buy. Facilitating learning is defined as education, CE Webinar streamlines this process allowing you to accomplish more. We use roadmaps to ensure you are provided the most important information needed to accomplish your goals. Your time is valuable....

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