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The Repeal of the ACA is Changing Medical Student’s Careers

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By now, it’s spread around that the Trump administration has the plan to repeal Obamacare, otherwise known as the ACA. If the ACA does get repealed, a havoc of sorts will arise. Being in, or soon to be in, the medical field, medical students should be wondering how this will change their career goals. The repeal of the ACA will not only put people without insurance,...

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Essential Preparation Tips

By on Jan 19, 2017 in Education technologies, Inspiration in Education, Latest posts, Standardized Testing, Test Prep | 0 comments

Preparation, in general, is needed for the most successful outcome possible. Everyone has “Aha! Moments”, but to rely on these moments in critical testing situations can cause damage to your result. I’m going to share with you today some of the things I find most helpful when I’m preparing for something big, whether it be a test, a project, or my next meal. Make a...

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Three Ways to Believe In Yourself

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Belief in yourself is a key component to accomplishing almost any task, test, or solving a problem. Having trouble believing in yourself? Click here Here are three ways to help you believe in yourself: 1. Nurturing Positive Views Compile a short list Find patterns in the activities. Identify what you have done well over and over again to understand your skills....

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We Believe in Progress

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Top 5 Reasons Why Education is Important. 1.Confidence In America, a college education can be the key to a better job and future. Bachelor degrees were considered an overachievement. A master’s degree is now are part of the norm. Why this change?  People want to be more educated and build their confidence. 2. Education Affects Lifetime Salary Who would like to...

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