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Beware of student developed NBDE prep resources!

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They could cost you your dental license. Preparing for your boards is a stressful time. You’ve got to review a lot of content in a short amount of time. So much is riding on this high-stakes exam and it’s not uncommon for students to look for resources to help them study and give them an edge. Many students have used or are considering using some of the...

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Essential Preparation Tips

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Preparation, in general, is needed for the most successful outcome possible. Everyone has “Aha! Moments”, but to rely on these moments in critical testing situations can cause damage to your result. I’m going to share with you today some of the things I find most helpful when I’m preparing for something big, whether it be a test, a project, or my next meal. Make a...

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Five Study Tips

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Planned Study Timed Breaking the work down into manageable pieces and spreading it over several days makes good sense and will help you to manage your studies more effectively. Plan your study time by clicking here. Catch Up on ZZZ’s (Sleep) Sleeping around 6-8 hours will increase your attention span. Less time sleeping has been known to negatively affect your...

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