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2nd year DDS students in lab

A student who takes the DAT will get their results right after they’re finished taking the test. Pay attention to the scaled score and the percentile you fall under. These scores are reported very similarly to the ACT, meaning you get a number out of 30 as a scaled score. DAT scores are not raw or percentile scores. If you have a low percentile, but a high scaled score, no need to worry since the only score the schools will see is the scaled score. There’s no draw back to guessing on answers, so it would benefit you to make sure every question has an answer.

The perceptual ability section of the DAT is most commonly the one students struggle with the most. We’ve created one of the only review formats that let you practice your perceptual ability test, and get 3D perspectives as to why your answer was correct or incorrect. Practice for this section of the exam is vital, most people are not prone to thinking the way the PAT tests you.

DENTPIN is an identification number for every student who applies to dental school is a part of dental standardized testing in the United States. You must have a DENTPIN to be able to take the DAT, to sign up for a DENTPIN click here.

Schedule Your Test
Students can take the DAT as early as the summer after their sophomore year in college, although most wait until the end of their junior year. As long as the student has covered the areas of biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry they’re eligible to take the DAT. No matter if you take the DAT later on in your college career, or earlier, having strong DAT scores is important for the dental school application process.

Prometrics is the test administering company who will oversee your test taking. Everything must be scheduled through them. Scheduling can be done online at prometric.com, or on the phone with their call center at 800.688.5804.

What to Bring
Two forms of I.D. are needed to be able to take the exam. When applying for the exam, be sure that your applicant name matches exactly to the name on your identification cards. Identifications that are accepted are driver’s license, social security cards, and passports.
Directions to your test center. Don’t be late, as this will cause a cancellation or rescheduling of the test. Know where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there.

Comfortable clothes are essential, every ounce of brain power should be used for the exam. If you’re thinking about how much your belt is cutting into your side, then you won’t fully be thinking about the exam and the questions.
DO NOT bring anything except for your testing materials- I.D., etcetera. If you bring a cell phone, a watch, any kind of possibly distracting item, you will be asked to leave it outside the testing room. If any alarms go off inside the testing room, you will be asked to turn in your exam early.

A nutritious lunch is needed always, but especially on testing day. There is an optional hour break for lunch in the middle of your exam. Take advantage of this break, you can’t break any time except for in this lunch hour.

If you need to retake the DAT there is a 90 day probation period. This probation period is put in place to ensure students have enough time to review for their next exam. Also, consider that you may have to retake the exam, so plan to take your first exam with sufficient time to do so. It puts students at an advantage to be able to turn in all application materials as early as possible. You cannot take the DAT more than three times.

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