Five Study Tips

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  1. Planned Study Timed
  2. Breaking the work down into manageable pieces and spreading it over several days makes good sense and will help you to manage your studies more effectively. Plan your study time by clicking here.

  3. Catch Up on ZZZ’s (Sleep)
  4. Sleeping around 6-8 hours will increase your attention span. Less time sleeping has been known to negatively affect your grades.

  5. Study the Way You Learn
  6. The biggest mistake people make is studying a different way then they learn. Ask yourself a question: Are you a visual (see), auditory (hear), or kinesthetic (hands-on) learner. Then, study accordingly using graphs, listening to videos, or by doing to ensure absorbing as much of the materials as possible.

  7. Study Locations
  8. Studying the same material in a different location every day makes us more likely to remember the information.  We are able to force  new associations with the topic material so it becomes a stronger memory

  9. Study Length Matters
  10. After 30 minutes the ability to concentrates decreases within most humans brains. Studying in short burst allows you to make use of time where you will remember the most. Why study in longer increments when your ability what you are studying drops dramatically.

Traditional Short Bursts
Description  Long sessions   20 to 30 minute bursts
  • 60 minutes of studying
  • 10-minute break
  • 30 minutes of preview
  • 10-minute break
  • 30 minute studying
  • Dinner
  • 25 minutes of studying
  • 5-minute break
  • 20 minutes of review