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Our ACT Prep Course was designed and developed to be adaptive to your child’s needs. Our course allows your student to review and learn at the optimal pace that you determine is best for your student.

How do we do this? We modularized the content in order to allow for a more targeted type of learning. Students can navigate the content in a structured format that allows them to tackle each topic one at a time.

Parents can set goals for their students to go through specific topics of content at specific times and monitor their progress through the entire review period.

Relevance to Millenials

Part of the development process of this course involves understanding the way this generation learns, plays, and communicates. They grew up in the age of technology and it is important to understand the role that technology plays in how these students interact with the world.

In order to make their learning more efficient, we modularized the content and created a series of video lectures that allow students to target their studying based upon their strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging the fact that students of this generation tend to be more visual in their learning is what has partly prompted us to create content in this format.

Understanding their attention span in the learning process is the primary reason why our content is modularized or topic-driven. Our lectures do not usually exceed 15 minutes and target specifically the topic at hand. Our research shows that most students tune out nearly all passive learning within a 10-15 minute period. For that reason, it’s important to make the learning process more interactive and responsive.

Assessments & Strategy

As each student prepares for their ACT, we understand that strengths and weaknesses will differ from one student to another. That’s why it’s important to have a strategy in place to customize the review process for your child. This means understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure a comprehensive plan of attack to cover the holes in your student’s knowledge base.

We include a full-length post-test to give your students a chance to practice a full-length test as well as to see how their competency has progressed to that point.

Monitoring and Reporting

We track your student’s completion and their competency to ensure that you have an accurate and updated understanding of their knowledge base. This allows you to constantly adjust your strategy to ensure a complete coverage of the content areas as your student goes into their ACT exam.

That’s why we have Reporting tools to help you supervise your students progress in each subject, topic, unit, or assessment. This helps you to determine their progress and ensure they meet schedules or goals.

Subscription Pricing

We understand the cost of homeschooling your child. That’s why we made our pricing cost-effective and flexible for your needs. See how affordable an ACT Prep Course developed by experienced teachers and administrators can be. Contact us for cost-saving options for larger groups.

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