Essential Preparation Tips

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Preparation, in general, is needed for the most successful outcome possible. Everyone has “Aha! Moments”, but to rely on these moments in critical testing situations can cause damage to your result. I’m going to share with you today some of the things I find most helpful when I’m preparing for something big, whether it be a test, a project, or my next meal.

Make a list. Making a list of things to check off not only makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something, it also keeps you on task. Make sure your list is fluid. I always add to my list as my day goes, making sure every little thing I think of gets added. Doing so ensures that I remember to do every little thing, some of those little things I may not remember if I hadn’t written them down. Add to your list things from your personal life. I always add personal to-do items to a preparation list, this way I know that I’m going to remember my personal tasks after I’m done with my preparation period. Lists are the control center of any task, take control of your prep.

Don’t forget to rest, and I’m not just talking about sleep. We all know that 8 hours a night is very important, there’s no need to beat a dead horse. I’m talking about small rest periods. I use a timer called Pomodoro– it’s based on 25 minutes working, 5 rest. There’s an online Pomodoro Timer you can use. The timer I have linked also lets you specify the lengths of time, just in case 25 minutes isn’t your cup of tea. Being able to set aside time for you, inside of your ‘work’ time, makes the task more manageable.

Create an environment that is conducive to you. Some people love the library, others love their kitchen counter. I personally love being in a busy place (I frequent coffee shops, I love caffeine) with my head phones in. Being in a busy place allows me to feed off the energy around me, but keeping my headphones in creates almost a white noise between. I listen to instrumental music, or songs I’m not too familiar with, so that I don’t distract myself. Creating an environment that is exceptional for you can take some time to establish. Continue to be self aware, know your weaknesses and strengths, and you will flourish.

Eat healthy food all the time. We’ve all been told to eat a good breakfast before a test, or a big presentation, but you should be eating healthy all the time. Foods that have lots of oil, fat, and/or sugar in them slow you down physically and mentally. The food we eat is what runs our bodies, lives in our blood streams, and determines our efficiency in being human. Fruits, vegetables, and grains (like rice, stay away from large amounts of gluten) are the most valuable foods we have. Take care of your body, take care of you, and then focus on learning and absorbing the outside world.

Without putting yourself first, you can’t utilize your brain in the highest regard. Being a good human could put you far ahead in life, this includes your ability to study and retain information. Preparation is practice, so make sure to practice other things in your daily life. Best of luck with your preparation, we hope the kind words from CE Webinar will help you in your journey.