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The curriculum for the ACT Prep Course was designed to allow it be integrated into a high school ACT course as a one or two semester course, depending on how your school’s course is set up.

The content has been modularized in order to allow for a more targeted type of learning. Students can navigate the content in a structured format that allows them to review each topic based upon the schedule for that week.

Teachers can assign weekly topics or goals for their students to go through specific topics of content and monitor their progress through the entire semester or academic year.

Relevance to Millenials

Part of the development process of this course involves understanding the way this generation learns, plays, and communicates. They grew up in the age of technology and it is important to understand the role that technology plays in how these students interact with the world.

In order to make their learning more efficient, we modularized the content and created a series of video lectures that allow students to target their studying based upon their strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging the fact that students of this generation tend to be more visual in their learning is what has partly prompted us to create content in this format.

Understanding their attention span in the learning process is the primary reason why our content is modularized or topic-driven. Our lectures do not usually exceed 15 minutes and target specifically the topic at hand. Our research shows that most students tune out nearly all passive learning within a 10-15 minute period. For that reason, it’s important to make the learning process more interactive and responsive.

Assessments & Strategy

As students work through the ACT Prep Course, we capture several data points to help you understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Students can then progress at their own pace and review content based upon their competency rather than having to be slowed down by other students or try to keep pace with the more advanced students.

In addition to tracking your students’ completion and competency data, we also track guesses to ensure that you have an accurate and updated understanding of their knowledge base to minimize the possibility of a false positive on an assessment. We also track time spent in the Learning Management System (LMS), time spent on any topic, the number of attempts on a given test or assessment, and the average score for each assessment.

We also include a full-length post-test to give your students a chance to practice a full-length test as well as track each student’s competency they take their ACT exam..

Pricing Options

Our goal is to provide you with a complete ACT Prep option which includes the course itself for students, teacher and administrator access to monitor students’ results, and the full-length post-test to gauge student readiness for the ACT. All data and reporting is included for a nominal cost. Click the Purchase Now button below to get pricing information and purchase licenses now.

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