Scriptum Case Management System

Scriptum CMS LogoThe new Integrated National Board Dental Exam (INBDE) is a unique approach to assessing student readiness for a career in dentistry. This real-world approach of testing clinical and foundational knowledge areas through patient cases, presents a challenge for dental schools looking to transition their curriculum to a more holistic approach to dental education.

Scriptum CMS primarily functions as a repository for cases, allowing professors within a dental school to search the database of cases for specific patient attributes from which to create questions. This case management system promotes collaboration and the integration of all disciplines within dental education.

Problem: All dental schools experience some level of faculty turnover which usually results in the loss of cases and content for which that professor teaches. Scriptum CMS eliminates that obstacle by serving as a database and storage utility for all professors.

This is important to not only prevent the loss of valuable content, but serves as a starting point for a replacement faculty member from which they may build their curriculum upon.

Collaboration: Content integration across multiple disciplines is a key component of the new integrated board exam. Scriptum CMS facilitates the multiple approaches to a case by allowing professors from different disciplines to create questions that help students to consider all relevant patient data to assess and treat their patients.

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Peer review and cross-discipline collaboration within the development process are invaluable tools to maintaining the standards for curriculum development as dental schools look to transition to the integration board exam. Scriptum CMS has been developed to assist faculty to connect with one another to help contribute in the development process of cross-discipline assessments and content.

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