Scriptum Case Management System

Scriptum Case Management System

Scriptum CMS is a case management system developed for dental schools to create and maintain a repository of cases that have been developed by faculty members over the course of their tenure as dental educators.

The goal of the case management system is to facilitate the transition of dental education to the new ADA standard of case-based testing in the integrated boards. This change in the board exam has prompted the need for dental schools to pivot their curriculum towards a new method of testing in their dental education to ensure that students are well prepared for the new testing format.

There are several problems that Scriptum CMS addresses for dental schools. The first is the turnover rate that many dental schools face. With the loss of a professor comes the loss of the content that they have developed, which includes cases that they have worked on and overseen with students. This system ensures the continuity of the content that was developed for the subject matter but also ensures that their cases are preserved for future replacement faculty as a starting point, rather than forcing new faculty to start from scratch.

The second problem this platform solves is one of collaboration. The current system that most dental schools face is that most of the faculty develop cases and questions in isolation. This means that each individual faculty member develops their own cases. In some situations, professors may share cases within their department but even in these scenarios, cases are shared by Word document or through the use of an exam management software, such as ExamSoft.

Scriptum CMS allows all professors to search for and access cases that are relevant to them. This platform allows each professor to search by keyword, subject, topic or author, to find cases that are relevant to the scenario that they are targeting in their curriculum in order to generate the questions they need for their class or exam.

Another problem that Scriptum addresses relates to the collaboration problem listed above and deals with the issue of peer review. The platform is built to allow professors to request a review by their peers within their subject area or within other disciplines. This functions as more than just a means of proofreading the case and/or case-based question, but also serves as a check for relevance and integration considerations.

Scriptum CMS is built to accommodate the transition of current teaching methods and categorizations to the new ADA format for Foundation Knowledge areas and Clinical Content areas. This adds another layer of search parameters to the platform. When exporting questions for a quiz or exam, professors can utilize several variables, including the ADA categorization standard to subjects and topics.

Ultimately, the goal of this platform is to simplify the transition process for dental schools to the new ADA standard of testing. If you are interested in learning more, or if you would like to setup a 3 month demo access for your dental school, please contact us by filling out the contact form below.