Accessibility and Flexibility

Preparing for your big exam should be on your terms. You shouldn’t have to conform to someone else’s schedule . You’ve got classes, work, or other obligations that dictate your time. Your review course shouldn’t make your life harder.

For that reason, we’ve designed this course to be easily navigated and easily accessible.

What do we mean by easily navigated? It means that we have broken up the content from our professors into topic-driven mini-lectures that allows you to target your studying based upon your individual knowledge base.

How is this useful? Well, imagine you’re waiting for your train or at the doctor’s office and have a few minutes. You can jump onto the Learning Management System (LMS) and go through a topic and subsequent assessment to maximize your time.

This brings us to the issue of accessibility. Being able to study where you want as well as when time permits gives you the advantage of maximizing your time to review for your exam.

Our courses and prep materials are all accessible on computer or mobile device. We even have a mobile app to allow you to access the course on your iOS or Android device rather than using your mobile browser.

Review on your terms and when it is convenient for you. We give you all the tools to succeed. What you waiting for?