Foreign-Educated Dentists

Foreign-educated dentists hoping to practice in the United States must earn a D.D.S. or D.M.D degree from a CODA-accredited dental program. The list of accredited dental programs in the United States offering this option can be found on the ADEA website at

Although the requirements may differ from one dental program to another, all of these programs require applicants to pass the INBDE as a condition of acceptance. This requirement helps to ensure that you have a baseline understanding of dentistry before entering into an advanced standing dental program.

The first step in preparing for the INBDE is to understand your own strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to the dental knowledge covered in the INBDE. For this, it’s important to consider an INBDE question bank, such as the Digital Dental Notes.

The Digital Dental Notes is the INBDE version of the Dental Decks and was developed by Dr. James Lozier, the creator and author of Dental Decks. This INBDE question bank consists of 1000 case-based questions and over 2000 standalone questions. It also includes 1700+ pages of Dr. Lozier’s notes in the Digital Dental Notes eLibrary.

While you review the questions and content, we track your knowledge base and give you a breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses in all subjects and topics of the INBDE. We even track your guesses. It’s an important tool that allows you to focus your studying so that you study smarter and not longer.

If you need additional review content to reinforce your knowledge base in preparation for the INBDE, we offer the UMKC School of Dentistry’s INBDE Review Course. Over 30 professors have contributed content to this course. It begins with our question sets that test your knowledge and redirect you to all relevant content areas using our Adaptive Learning Tools to make studying more efficient.

This professor driven review course is updated annually to reflect the ADA’s current standards for the INBDE. It’s well regarded by dental schools everywhere and has been used by over 20 different dental schools across the country to help their students that have failed the boards. Many dental schools have provided it to their entire class of dental students in preparation for their boards.

INBDE preparation begins here with the Digital Dental Notes and the INBDE Review Course. Let us help you move one step closer to a U.S. dental degree. Register now!