Digital Dental Notes

CE Webinar is pleased to partner with Dr. James Lozier, the founder of Dental Decks, to launch the new Digital Dental Notes (DDNs) – the next generation of decks for the Integrated Boards!

How does the Digital Dental Notes differ from the Dental Decks? There are several improvements that make the DDNs vastly superior to the Decks. First, we have over 1000 case-based questions for this product. Moreover, we’ve added thousands more standalone questions to ensure that we keep the DDNs consistent with the Integrated National Board Dental Exam.

That’s not the only difference, though. We’ve added an eLibrary as an adaptive learning tool to help students review foundation knowledge and clinical content areas.

So, what is Adaptive Learning Technology and how can it better prepare students for the INBDE? Adaptive Learning Technology, sometimes called adaptive teaching, is a method that uses algorithms to personalize the learning process for students based upon their unique strengths and weaknesses.

By utilizing data from the DDNs to gauge each student’s knowledge of the specific subject/topic covered in each case-based question, we combine this data with the DDN eLibrary using our adaptive learning technology to provide students with the ability to review the content covered in each question with a click of a button.

Like all of our products, tracking is an important feature of what we do. By providing this data to students, we help them study smarter. But that’s not all. We also track their guesses to show them a confidence score.

The best part is that this data is provided to our partner dental schools for free. We provide you with the data to keep your students on track and successfully navigate the Integrated Boards, at no additional charge.