Dental Hygiene Digital Flashcard Question Bank

The Dental Hygiene Digital Flashcard Question Bank was developed by 9 professors to help students prepare for the test-taking component of the dental hygiene boards. This useful tool helps students acclimate to the testing environment by exposing students to over 900 board exam-style questions over Clinical Dental Hygiene, Periodontology, Biochemistry-Nutrition, Pharmacology, Oral Pathology, Radiology, Microbiology, Community Oral Health & Research Principles, and Dental Materials.

Why is this important? Too often, students focus on the review process to strengthen their knowledge base without addressing the testing component. Understanding how test writers apply the concepts for which dental hygiene students are tested is a key factor in successfully passing the dental hygiene boards.

Before beginning the review process, we recommend that students assess their knowledge base by taking a self-assessment exam to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. This helps students to focus their studying on those concepts that they are weakest in which in turn makes the review process more efficient. This step is important in developing a successful strategy as you begin your review process for your boards.

As you go through the review process, it’s important to take stock of your progress and continue to evaluate those areas that are difficult for you. This is a part of what this tool is able to provide. As you continue to work through the content, adding the Flashcard Question Bank adds a supplemental tool to help you reinforce the content that you have review.

As you practice your test-taking skills with the Flashcard Question Bank, we track your knowledge base and continue to show you the evolving strengths and weaknesses that you should address. We even track your guesses to ensure that you have a realistic assessment of your knowledge base. No review course is complete without this tool. What are you waiting for?

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Our Faculty

  • Christine Nathe, RDH, MS
    Christine Nathe, RDH, MS
    Community Oral Health
    & Dental Materials
  • Kristina Okolisan-Mulligan, RDH, BS, MA
    Kristina Okolisan-Mulligan, RDH, BS, MA
    Radiology & Oral Pathology
  • Thomas Viola, R.Ph., C.C.P.
    Thomas Viola, R.Ph., C.C.P.
  • Diana Aboytes, RDH, MS
    Diana Aboytes, RDH, MS
    Periodontology & Case Studies
  • Jennifer Pieren, RDH, MS
    Jennifer Pieren, RDH, MS
    Clinical Dental Hygiene
  • Kylie J. Austin, RDH MS ECP-II
    Kylie J. Austin, RDH MS ECP-II
  • Tara Johnson, RDH, PhD
    Tara Johnson, RDH, PhD
    Clinical Dental Hygiene
  • Susan Bennett, RN, MSN, APRN
    Susan Bennett, RN, MSN, APRN