This is our “A-ha!” moment.

Preparing for any exam means covering a lot of information in a short amount of time. We realized in talking to many of our students preparing for their big exam that they only allocate about 8-10 weeks to prepare for an exam that covered 2-4 years of content.

With that realization, we knew that we needed to help students review with a more practical approach. That was our “A-ha!” moment.

The goal for our courses is not to review every piece of data that students are asked to know for their exam.  We realized that most students know about 65-70%, if not more, of the total knowledge base that they are required to have for their exam.

Our focus then was to create a plan or strategy that will give the majority of students the best road map to getting that last 30-35% knowledge base to maximize their results. How do you do it?  It’s simple.  We ask our professors. Who would you go to if you wanted an efficient plan to review for your exam?

Our content for our courses was developed by our professors, who are content experts in their fields and teach this material full-time. Many of them have written exam questions in the content areas for the exams for which our courses are helping you to prepare.