Our refund policy

Due to complications arising from the varying standards of all Internet Service providers as well as bandwidth restrictions and the limitations of computer configurations and platforms, there may be complications encountered by some particpants. CE Webinar has been developed with technology that encompasses the vast majority of users. However, we have no control over individual web browsers, bandwidth or Internet Service Providers. It is therefore the responsibility of each participant to test their personal computers prior to purchasing a course.

Participants may request a refund of registration fees no later than 14 days before the start of a course for a 50% refund of the purchased course. The request must be made on or before the 14 day period before the course begins. As space is limited for each course, no refund will be granted after the 14 day period or to registrations made after the 14 day period. Refunds are not available for On-Demand courses.

As stated above, CE Webinar and the technology it employs is designed to be compatible with the vast majority of users, particularly those using the PC and Macintosh platforms. However, all participants are responsible for testing their personal computers for individual configuration and internet compatibility issues before purchasing a course.