1. Go to and log into the Learning Management System using your CE Webinar account access information.
  2. Click onto the "My Courses" link.
  3. Click on the course link to expand the list of subjects/modules.
  4. Click on the link of the subject/module you wish to review.
  5. Click the "Start lesson" link.


In order to provide the highest quality of CE and Preparatory courses, CE Webinar is utilizing Cisco WebEx's Event Center software, the most cutting edge online technology for large webinars. You will be asked to download and install the WebEx software prior to attending the WebEx Event. You'll find the Event link in your CE Webinar account, if you have signed up for a live session.

Please test your computer's configuration prior to the session start time: ( to ensure your browser and operating system can support the WebEx Event Center session. Note: If you are unable to click this link, you can also cut and paste the link into the address bar of your browser.

  • Please enter your name and e-mail address.
  • When you enter the test session, you will be prompted to install and run the WebEx software if you have not downloaded it already.
  • Upon entering the WebEx meeting, you will see a window open up with the title, "Congratulations! Your system is now set up properly..." If you are able to see this window, your test is successful.
  • If you are unable to join or having difficulty running the test, please contact WebEx Support at 866.229.3239 Option 1 or visit for helpful support information.
To Join the WebEx Event Center live session
Perform the following actions no later than 15 minutes before the event begins.

  1. Go to and log into your LMS account.
  2. Click on the "My Courses" link.
  3. Click the course link to expand the list of subjects/modules.
  4. Look for the Live Lecture Access link and click it.
  5. Memorize or copy the Event Password.
  6. Click the Course URL for the appropriate lecture scheduled for that particular day.
  7. This will launch the WebEx software or initiate the installation of the software. In the following fields, verify or enter this information:
    • Name: (Enter your first and last name)
    • E-mail address
    • Event Password (listed in the "COURSE ACCESS INFORMATION section under the "Event Password" heading)
  8. Click "Join Now".
Contact Cisco WebEx Customer Support
For technical assistance, please contact Cisco WebEx Customer Support at:

Please review the Technical Requirements to ensure that you have all the necessary hardware and software components to properly view and participate in the course of your choice.

Thank you and enjoy the Course!