About us

CE Webinar is committed to providing students and working professionals with the most up-to-date Continuing Education, Board Preparatory and professional school entrance examination preparatory courses using the latest web technology to reach participants worldwide. In this new era of technology, we feel it is important to establish a new standard in distance learning and to encourage the use of technology to further education throughout the United States as well the world.

Our philosophy for prep and review begins with understanding what you know well and what you need to review. This means competency tracking.  What does that mean? It's our way of testing how well you truly understand a topic or subject. We do this through a series of assessments which tracks not only your assessment score but your guesses as well.

Once you know where your weaknesses lie, it's time to be more targeted with your studying and strengthen your knowledge base. Here, our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible. That means modularizing the content. We break the content up by topic to help you focus your studying on those areas that you need to review rather than reviewing everything. Most importantly, we allow you to do it in increments that work with your schedule. Remember the old adage, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

Okay. Maybe that's a bad or gruesome old saying, but you get the jest of it.

It's important to note that our commitment to the quality of our content is paramount. That's why we work with universities and full-tiime professors to develop our content. It's important to have content providers that are also experts in their area of content. Many of them have written actual exam questions for the exam for which they're providing content. They teach this content every year in their respective universities. They do research in these areas of content. They've written textbooks and have submitted research papers in their content areas. They're experts and they care a lot about their students which is why we work with them.

It's important to know this because this is a part of our approach. There's a lot of content out there for these exams and most students only spend a few weeks preparing. Because of the sheer amount of knowledge covered and the apparent small amount of time students spend reviewing, the question that's generally asked is "How do you cover all of the information in just a few weeks?

We have no idea. That's why we asked our professors. Our review and prep courses are based upon their answers and recommendations. They take the content and condense it so that it's manageable. They develop a roadmap or strategy for students to start their review process. The Learning Management System allows students to further personalize the course to fit their individual review needs. 

Working with professors and universities, has had an unexpected benefit for our students. We tend to be student-centric which means that our courses are priced reasonably. You won't see costs in the thousands of dollars for this reason. We're proud of that and we want students to succeed. That's ultimately our goal. That's why we're here.