Why Digital Dental Notes?

Digital Dental Notes logoDIGITAL DENTAL NOTES (DDNs)
The next generation of decks for the INBDE

Dr. James Lozier - Creator and author of Dental Decks and the Digital Dental NotesMeet Dr. James Lozier, the creator and author of Dental Decks.

Dr. Lozier has partnered with CE Webinar to produce and launch the Digital Dental Notes (DDNs), a question bank for the INBDE. The DDNs have 1000 case-based questions and over 2000 standalone questions.

This is the quality of product that you’ve come to know from the creator of the original Dental Decks. We want this decision to be a no-brainer, so we’re reducing the cost of the Digital Dental Notes to $250 per student (originally $395 per student). This gives you access to the DDNs for 1 calendar year or until you’ve passed your boards.

Ready to start your board prep?

The DDNs not only helps you get accustomed to the new INBDE case-based question format but also helps you assess your own knowledge base so that you can study more efficiently by focusing on your weaknesses.

Digital Dental Notes - Sample case-based question

Dr. Lozier has developed an eLibrary, which consists of over 1700 pages of notes which is tied directly to each question. This is example of our Adaptive Learning Tools. You no longer have to waste time searching for information to questions you’ve missed. Now, it’s just a click away.

Digital Dental Notes - Sample explanation

Like all of our products, tracking is an important feature of what we do. By providing this data to you, we help you to study smarter. But that’s not all. We also track your guesses to show you your confidence score which helps you determine if you’re board ready.

Do you need extra help to strengthen your knowledge base? Our INBDE Review Course is made just for that situation. It’s academically based, meaning that it’s been developed by real dental school professors – 32 of them to be precise. We’re a resource for over 20 different dental schools to help their students, who have failed their boards, fill in the gaps of their preparation and successfully pass their boards.