Missouri Proposes Online Education Bill

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online education

A new bill has been proposed to the House in Missouri- a virtual education bill that would allow students to take some, or all, of their courses online. Any student from public schools, home schools, or charter schools, will be eligible for online course work. State funding will pay for all the courses either through the student’s direct school district, in the case of home schooled kids- from direct state funding. Virtual education opportunities could open up many doors for students in Missouri.

Charter schools in Missouri will receive state funding for students who take these courses. Students will be allowed to be virtual full-time students or take individual courses as needed. Public schools and home schooled children will also receive funding from the state.

Programs online can be created by the schools themselves and sold through MoVIP (Missouri Virtual Program). The courses can be created by anyone, but they must meet the standards of Missouri (show-me) curriculum. Teacher certifications must also be obtained by the course teacher.

Courses are intended for grades K-12, and can be taken for a number of different reasons. Students can opt into virtual courses because of absences from class, wanting to complete additional coursework, or for students who need advanced course work. These courses, when fully completed, will account for 94% attendance rate. Courses will be accounted for completion twice, once at 50% completion, another at 100% completion.

Right now online courses, because of funding, are limited to students who can’t make it to school (for numerous reasons). Opening up these courses to all students will allow them to start exploring their passion. Online courses will also open up doors for kids who may have social anxiety, are home schooled, or simply work better online. This is the generation of user based experiences, and education should be no different.

There is a list of propositions that must be followed for anyone interested in the online courses. This list is comprised of simple things like making sure the user knows the software expectations. It also lays out rules for producing online courses, and what must be included in the courses themselves. The whole bill can be found here, it’s pretty straight forward, and very exciting.

At CE Webinar we believe in user based education. Shaping curriculum to the individual brain is no longer a thought of the future, it is being created by the hands of today’s generation. The new generation comes from innovation, so let our education also come from innovation. The new ways of education can be exciting, on an individual level, and for humanity as a whole.